Idea to decorate an indoor balcony

Today I leave you with this beautifully decorated interior balcony, which can serve as an inspiration. It is an example of little space decorated with great taste, from here to many times I tell you that the greatness of our rooms is not so important, with a few square meters you can create really beautiful things, like the one we see. Looking for 10 inch tile saw blade?

On this occasion I leave you with this interior balcony that I have come across and its beautiful decoration has invited me to talk a little bit about it. If you are looking for inspiration I think you will not be able to see a better balcony, this one is half closed with some beautiful windows. The best thing about the window or the glass is that they invite natural light… A golden rule is that: if you have small places, try to make sure that the natural lighting is the maximum.

In this way no opacity, a great window that lets the sun’s rays through is great. On the other hand the wood will be one of the protagonists, we can see it so much in the soil, as in the wall in the form of bars and in a nice large floor planter. This planter will contain, in a very elegant way, some of our favorite plants.

You can choose plants with spectacular flowers or simply some shrubs, ferns … but think about the climate of the place where you live and whether or not it gives the sun. On this balcony we can see that the sun is quite strong, and it is also an idea to add a climbing plant so that it can reach the wooden bars little by little. A drawer, fertile soil and you have a nice big planter.

If you want more plants, this balcony does not even fit a pin, but we have chosen to hang a few colorful pots. You can add the things you need, in a reduced, simplified way or dispensing with other things that are not so useful. To decorate a balcony or a small terrace, try to choose those things you need and also give it a beautiful look, without crowding the place.

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